Self-exclusion from the game

Self-exclusion and self-prohibition from gambling


In the event that you are a participant in our games through this website, and you consider yourself unable to control yourself or maintain a certain balance, Loterías del Estado offers you a temporary self-exclusion service (rest periods) through your participant account, considering this as a way to prevent problems related to gambling.

This self-exclusion is a process by which you can leave your gaming account blocked for a period of time that you can choose from a pre-established list, thus avoiding any online participation in our games.

This facility is available once you have authenticated yourself on our platform, from your profile under the option “ACCESS DATA”.


The user can self-exclude for different periods of 1, 3, 6 months or permanently.

During the period of temporary self-exclusion, the customer will not be able to unblock his accounts by himself (he will be able to request it to the Customer Service Centre if the period is longer than 6 months and this time has elapsed), nor will he be able to do so:

  • participate through in any of the SELAE games
  • deposit amounts in the game account
  • receive promotional offers or communications from SELAE
  • open another user account

In the case of temporary self-exclusion, at the end of the established period your user registration will be automatically reactivated, allowing you to operate normally from then on. In the case of permanent self-exclusion, SELAE offers the possibility of requesting your readmission.

These are measures established by SELAE that allow people who present disorderly conduct in gambling with the possibility of blocking the online gaming channel.



The General Gambling Access Prohibition Registry (RGIAJ) is a public register, created pursuant to the Gaming Regulation Act 13/2011, which includes people who have exercised their right to request that their participation in gambling activities be prohibited.  The registry also lists citizens who are legally prohibited from gaming, and who are legally incapacitated for this activity.

If you wish to register, modify your data or unsubscribe from the General Gambling Access Prohibition Registry, you can request it from the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling through the link you will see at the end of this page.

If you have the sensation of not being able to control yourself or if for any other reason you wish to limit your participation in the game, you can use the option to self-prohibit your access to the game by using the General Registry of Gambling Access Prohibition (RGIAJ), for which you can sign up voluntarily.

Once registered, you will not be able to continue playing on SELAE or on any other gaming page. Six months after registering in the registry, you can request to unsubscribe from it.