Internet gambling limits

Internet gambling limits

Self-limitation of stakes and online gambling

Pursuant to Article 36 of Royal Decree 1614/2011, enacting the aforesaid Gaming Regulation Act 13/2011, with regard to licenses, authorisation and gaming registration, SELAE does not currently allow participants to deposit amounts in excess of: 

  • 400 Euros per day
  • 1.500 Euros per week
  • 3.000 Euros per month

All participants have the option of reducing the authorised deposit limits. Any reduction of the deposit limits authorised by the participant will take effect immediately.
Regardless of the aforementioned deposit limits, the participant's online player profile has a field where they can indicate the maximum amount of weekly expenditure. Each time they try to participate in our games, the system will control that the amount of the bets placed during the last seven days does not exceed that value.

The modification of these limits can be done once you have authenticated in the Loterías y Apuestas platform and, from the options shown in the menu of your electronic wallet, select “OPTIONS”.