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Password recommendations


Rules for your password in

Owing to safety reasons, your access password has to observe the following conditions:

  • it has to have at least 8 characters.
  • among these, it has to include at least a lower case letter, an upper case letter and a number
  • it distinguishes upper cases from lower cases, therefore it is important that you pay attention to the caps lock of your keyboard
  • The password field may not contain the username, nor the first surname, nor the date of birth.

Additionally, you may include some special characters:  _ - # $ & ¿ ? ¡ ! @  to increase the strength of your password. 


Tips for a safe password

Some ideas that contribute to a safer password are the following:

  • Avoid common words, and personal data or dated that could be known by other people
  • Avoid recognisable sequences of numbers or letters (for example "123" or "abcd")
  • Keeping the password in a safe way is as important as its creation. Do not leave it written in order for others to see it...
  • ... but, of course, ensure that you remember it, to avoid the inconvenience of having to turn to the secret question when you want to access

Renew your password regularly

We recommend that you modify your password at least once a year, and particularly if you think that it might be known by other people.

Remember that your password in gives access to online game services and the carrying out of economical movements in your game account, therefore its confidentiality is crucial.

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