In all its operations and activities, Loterías has a firm commitment to responsible gaming, based on the following principles.




1.- Incorporate mechanisms to avoid the improper access to game by minors.

2.- Encourage the integrity and the collaboration to fight illegal gaming.

3.- Identify the best practices in relation with Responsible game.

4.- Highlight Responsible Game as an integral part of its operations, establishing clear rules in order to ensure the observance of the regulation and that the interest of the players and vulnerable groups are protected.

5.- Encourage research and/or studies in order to contribute to the understanding by the society of the game social impact, communicating its results to groups of interest.

6.- Provide concise and adequate information to the public so that they can select reasonably their game activities, promoting Responsible Game attitudes.

7.- Provide training and information, in terms of Responsible Game, to the SELAE employees and implement programs for the Sales Agents.

8.- Inform the players and Sales Agents in reference with the Help Specialised Centres or Associations, in case of excessive game.

9.- Continuous improvement of its programs of Responsible Game.