Protection of minors

Protection of minors

The prohibition of gambling to minors under 18 is a prohibition under the law, established in the Gaming Regulation Act 13/2011, of 27 May. To comply with this law, SELAE has established measures for both in person and online gaming.

SELAE’s games are intended for people over 18 years of age.

Established measures

SELAE informs customers on the prohibition of gambling to minors both in person and online and in all its advertising actions.

The measures established at the point of sale are: Placement in a visible location of a logo that indicates the prohibition of playing to minors and the prohibition of sale to minors by the agents of our commercial network.

The measures established in the online channel ( are: Placement in a visible location of an icon indicating the prohibition of playing to minors. The registration to be able to play online is subject the age of the player and if they are under 18 it does not allow them to register and therefore they cannot play. At SELAE we guarantee control over the accuracy of the data provided by online channel participants, through our verification mechanisms, as required by the Gaming Regulation Act 13/2011, of 27 May. In order to prevent the access of minors using an adult account, we provide information to guarantee the confidentiality of passwords, in addition to preventing the option of automatically saving user passwords with which a minor can access an account.

All SELAE advertising actions indicate the prohibition on gambling by minors.


Minors are more vulnerable to gambling because they have less control over their impulses and a lower perception of risk. In addition, they have a greater belief that their knowledge allows them to predict results and make a quick profit.

We must take into account some of the following signs to alert us that a minor has a problem with gambling: 

  • Decline in performance at school.
  • Focused more on the results of competitions than on the sport itself.
  • Playing on the Internet for long periods of time.
  • Constant irritability or anxiety with the family.
  • Continual spending of money.
  • Disappearance of money in the home.


Information on the existence of parental control mechanisms.

If your computer can be used by minors, it is advisable to take precautions and install parental control tools on your devices.

Right now in the market there are many tools that allow you to manage the control of the different devices you have (PC, mobile, tablet) so that minors cannot access certain content, either by blocking Internet access, guaranteeing restrictions on certain websites and allowing access tracking.

The tools can be found on the Internet depending on the device you have and on which you are going to perform the control.

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